• CongoFeat

    Dumb But Fun: Congo

    Let’s take a quick break from podcasts and film news to talk about my favorite topic: “stupid movies that are accidentally delightful.” I can’t think of a better starting point than the Laura Linney “classic” adventure flick: Congo. Before we get started, if you’ve never seen this iconic American film, it is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

  • NightWolvesFeat

    Red Band Trailer: Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves

    I’ve already posted about my love for FDR American Badass writer Ross Patterson’s work, but here’s the official red band trailer for his latest project, Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves. Okay, so that’s admittedly a little rough around the edges. Possibly worryingly rough. I’m still holding onto hope, though. Patterson seems like a genuinely funny guy. Besides, all of the […]

  • FishPercFeat29

    Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 29: Miss Twin Peaks

    There’s just one left to go! Join Scott and Matt as they discuss Miss Twin Peaks, the penultimate episode of Twin Peaks! Plus, some mindless jabbering about Dogma, Toys and “The Hawk.”

  • FishPercFeature29

    Twin Peaks Commentary: Episode 29: Miss Twin Peaks

    In this week’s Twin Peaks commentary track, Scott and Matt are watching the second-to-last episode of season two: Miss Twin Peaks. We’re so close!

  • GothamWrapUp

    After The Smoke Clears: Gotham Season 1

    Gotham returned to FOX’s Monday night line up on April 13th with the final three episodes of its freshman season. This presentation has been a strange rollout.   Three different chunks of episodes have dropped in seemingly random intervals since Gotham’s debut last fall.  I’ve been reasonably interested in this show and even I mistakenly thought […]

  • CannonBolero

    Cannon Canon Podcast: Bolero

    Sean and John discuss the cinematic crime that is 1984’s Bolero. Join them as they scrape the bottom of the barrel to find some kino conversational gold!

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