• Bad Santa 2 Teaser - PureFiller

    Be Extremely Hesitantly Excited For Bad Santa 2

    It’s a boiling hot July day! What better time to remind you that Bad Santa 2 is inexplicably still coming out? 

  • Bat-Tank The Crime Solving Tank!

    “Bat Tank! The Crime-Solving Tank!” is on sale

    Let’s talk games. Sony is doing a Superhero Sale this week for Playstation. You can see everything that’s discounted here. I’m not here to tell you about that, though. I’m here to issue a warning about the latest Batman game, Arkham Knight. The first two games in the Arkham series were amazing. Players could actually feel what it might be […]

  • Stephen Colbert come back!

    So About Colbert Last Night…

    These past twelve or so months have been a bitter pill. Jon Stewart retired. Stephen Colbert moved to a new network. We’re having the most insane U.S. election of all time. Anyone remotely famous seems to have keeled over dead. I usually try to stay far away from politics… but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I desperately miss Jon Stewart and […]

  • TheStateFeat

    The State: Where Are They Now?

    Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, which premiered on Netflix this past summer, revisited the 2001 film that established Michael Showalter as an awkwardly recognizable leading man and solidified Showalter and co-writer David Wain’s burgeoning behind-the-camera careers. However, many fans’ love for the pair goes back a decade further. Wain and Showalter were […]

  • Synch1Feat

    Meet Your Next Time Travel Movie: Synchronicity

    Synchronicity is the new time travel film from Jacob Gentry, the director of 2007’s cult hit, The Signal. In Gentry’s new project, Chad McKnight plays a physicist who creates a device that can open up wormholes. After messing around with time and space, things start getting downright mysterious. It looks like a futuristic noir story that […]

  • GodsofEgyptFeat

    Gods of Egypt: What the hell is THIS?

    Just what is Gods of Egypt? I have no earthly notion, but let’s puzzle through this fascinating trailer anyway. Man alive, it’s like someone rebuilt 300 using deleted scenes from Transformers: Beast Wars. I’m usually enjoy ridiculous goofy action movies, but this looks different. Gods of Egypt seems to have the makings of legendary train wreck… and I am always up for a front row seat […]

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