• Doom 2016 Trophy Guide For Dummies: "A Toe Into Madness"

    Doom 2016 Trophy Guide For Dummies: “A Toe Into Madness”

    I finally platinumed Doom and figured others might want a “For Dummies” guide to the daunting “A Toe Into Madness” trophy and/or achievement. Since we’re jumping all over the place with abuse stories and silliness this week, let’s take a gaming break. Note: “Dummies” in this case means “not incredible” players. Hi, I am also a bad […]

  • The Time I Broke My Clone Sister's Arm

    The Time I Broke My Clone Sister’s Arm

    That last video earned a few questions from friends about “why I don’t have kids yet.” I figured I’d answer with this old chestnut from a podcast I was featured on a few years back. (Sorry about the audio quality. It’s an older recording.) Also, my sister and I are great friends now. Look I […]

  • Playgrounds in movie theaters?!

    Playgrounds in Movie Theaters?

    A company is putting jungle gyms in specialized movie theaters and the Internet sorta lost its mind about it. Personally, if it keeps movie theaters on life support for a few extra years, then I’m fine with it. Let’s enjoy a rant about an issue none of us will care about in two months: slides and […]

  • John Wick Chapter 2 & The Guest: Something Old Something New

    Something Old, Something New: John Wick Chapter 2 & The Guest

    In today’s episode of Something Old Something New, the Meaney brothers nitpick John Wick Chapter 2 and The Guest… and and go off on a LOT of Randy Quaid / Chris Penn related tangents. Here’s the video: Hey everybody, let’s do some affiliate links! WOO! Buy The Guest on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2lUxT4h       Pre-order John Wick […]

  • Lefou confirmed for Gay

    LeFou: Confirmed for Gay

    Come listen to a grown adult man have a hissy fit about a children’s film. What can I say? I’m a guy who knows what he likes.

  • Oscars 2017 Review

    Well hey… Moonlight was the best movie by any margin anyway. Burn baby, burn! Hardcore Henry was robbed.

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