• Problem Child Feature

    In 2014, someone is making a Problem Child TV show. In 2014.

    Who remembers 1989’s Problem Child? Anyone? Just me, huh? Well, too bad. NBC is turning it into a sitcom anyway. The original movie was a comedy about an orphan boy named Junior who was adopted by John Ritter. Junior was an honest-to-god sociopath whose role model was a serial killer. I’m not joking. That was […]

  • John Wick feature

    John Wick: a big-budget revenge film about a man & his dog

    A man at a gas station wants to buy Keanu Reaves’ car. Keanu refuses. The man kills Keanu’s dog. Big mistake. At least, that’s what I took from this trailer for John Wick: I have a soft-spot for Reeves and I’m always up for a decent revenge movie, so I’m mildly looking forward to this. Plus, John […]

  • DuckTales Live Action

    DuckTales with real ducks… and other DuckTales tomfoolery

    I’m late to the party on this one, but here is a video of the DuckTales theme song starring real ducks. To sweeten the pot, I added a few more DuckTales videos after the jump. While you’re here, here’s Smooth McGroove covering the Moon Base song from the DuckTales NES game. It rocks harder than it should. […]

  • FishPercFeat3

    Twin Peaks Podcast Project: Fish in the Percolator Episode 3

    This week Matt and I are watching Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer, the third episode of Twin Peaks …and talking a LOT about the extended works of David Patrick Kelly and Miguel Ferrer. Fish in the Percolator is a two-part project. This first bit is our weekly audio podcast. Every podcast, we’ll delve into every individual episode of David Lynch […]

  • HIMYM Alt ending

    How I Met Your Mother Alternate Ending Released

    How I Met Your Mother‘s loyal audience was pretty pissed off with the way the show wrapped up its ninth and final season. When it comes to terrible finales, the general opinion places the HIMYM ending second only to “Lumberjack Dexter.” If you didn’t catch it, here is a brief synopsis of how the main character met the […]

  • TheWireHDfeat

    The Wire Remastered: Omar Comin’ Back in HD

    According to HBOWatch, The Wire is finally getting a high definition update. This was just a highly suspect rumor backed only by a seemingly non-HBO endorsed teaser trailer, but HBO has recently confirmed that this is indeed happening. A few days ago, this trailer appeared online: If you’re not a massive fan of The Wire, you […]

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