• SideCast New

    Sidecast 165 – The Low End of Normal

    This week, we’re joined by our friends Kyle VonKubik from We Talk Games and Chris The Nekobun WTG contributor and producer of Arcade Meekly . We share our favorite movies of all time and generally celebrate our podcast friends all over the internet.  Can Keith put in an A+ performance while making a pizza?  Do we need to be nicer to […]

  • DemoBdayFeat

    It’s My Birthday. Be Well, America

    I woke up this morning to this gift from my wife. It is obviously going to be a good night. For the unfamiliar, Demolition Man is a Meaney Family Classic. To a level where our family crest should basically just be a photo of Wesley Snipe’s character, Simon Phoenix. It is the very finest of dumb […]

  • Hateful8TrailerFeat

    Move over Star Wars: Here’s The Hateful Eight Trailer

    I know everyone can’t shut up about Star Wars, but I know what movie I’m looking forward to: here’s the official trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. 

  • OlympusVsWHDFEAT

    Olympus Has Fallen CRUSHED White House Down

    Back in 2013, we were inexplicably given two movies with the same damn plot: White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen. In both films, a lone John McClane-esque bad ass is trapped in a White House under siege by terrorists. He must take out all the bad guys single-handedly and save the President of the United States. Just in case you were curious where I fell in […]

  • LondonFeature

    Hell. Yes. Olympus Has Fallen 2

    It’s called London Has Fallen. A little on the nose, but eh, close enough. Here’s the trailer:

  • GGRevivalFeat

    The Gilmore Girls Are Coming Back!

    Will the Gilmore Girls finally get the ending it was always meant to receive? Netflix has confirmed that our favorite fast-talking coffee addicts will return as the streaming service’s latest television revival. Upon hearing the news, the first few things that went through my mind: My life will now be complete. If series creator Amy […]

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