• XfilesBack

    The X-Files Will Return in January

    We already covered the return of Fox’s cult-classic conspiracy series, The X-Files, but now we finally have a premiere date. It’s official, Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully will return to active duty on Sunday, January 24th.

  • VacationRedBand

    Red Band “Vacation” Trailer Completely Misses The Point

    “What’s a rimjob?” Welcome to the Vacation reboot-slash-sequel. That rimjob question is followed moments later by a “gloryhole” line. Right off the bat, this trailer feels like this new team might be abandoning the relatively subtle humor of the original films. I don’t even have much nostalgia for the Chase-era movies, outside of Christmas Vacation. I enjoyed all of them […]

  • FishPercFeature30

    Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 30: Beyond Life and Death

    It’s time to finish this fight. This week, Fish in the Percolator focuses on the series finale of Twin Peaks: Beyond Life and Death.

  • FishComm30Feature

    Twin Peaks Commentary: Episode 30: Beyond Life and Death

    It’s all been leading to this. This week, our commentary track focuses on the series finale of Twin Peaks: Beyond Life and Death.

  • KraysFeat

    Legend: Tom Hardy’s Mobster Parent Trap…

    …or Tom Hardy’s Dead Ringers. Pick your “twin-movie” reference. Legend focuses on the notorious Krays, the twin brothers that ruled London’s underground in the 1960s. 

  • CannonCanonVirgin

    Cannon Canon Podcast: The Last American Virgin

    On today’s episode of The Cannon Canon podcast, John and Sean are back with another discussion of the Cannon Films Canon! Join them as they trawl though the highs and lows of the ’80s teen comedy classic, The Last American Virgin. This week features two men trying to talk about teen pregnancy! Awkwardness ensues! Download it here. (Right-click, save […]

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