• TheStateFeat

    The State: Where Are They Now?

    Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, which premiered on Netflix this past summer, revisited the 2001 film that established Michael Showalter as an awkwardly recognizable leading man and solidified Showalter and co-writer David Wain’s burgeoning behind-the-camera careers. However, many fans’ love for the pair goes back a decade further. Wain and Showalter were […]

  • Synch1Feat

    Meet Your Next Time Travel Movie: Synchronicity

    Synchronicity is the new time travel film from Jacob Gentry, the director of 2007’s cult hit, The Signal. In Gentry’s new project, Chad McKnight plays a physicist who creates a device that can open up wormholes. After messing around with time and space, things start getting downright mysterious. It looks like a futuristic noir story that […]

  • GodsofEgyptFeat

    Gods of Egypt: What the hell is THIS?

    Just what is Gods of Egypt? I have no earthly notion, but let’s puzzle through this fascinating trailer anyway. Man alive, it’s like someone rebuilt 300 using deleted scenes from Transformers: Beast Wars. I’m usually enjoy ridiculous goofy action movies, but this looks different. Gods of Egypt seems to have the makings of legendary train wreck… and I am always up for a front row seat […]

  • 2015MashupFeat

    Supercut: The Best Movie Moments of 2015

    Catch the best movie moments of the year in under seven minutes with one intricate supercut video. Stunningly, it is not just the Mad Max trailer looped over and over. Enjoy!

  • SideCast New

    Sidecast 165 – The Low End of Normal

    This week, we’re joined by our friends Kyle VonKubik from We Talk Games and Chris The Nekobun WTG contributor and producer of Arcade Meekly . We share our favorite movies of all time and generally celebrate our podcast friends all over the internet.  Can Keith put in an A+ performance while making a pizza?  Do we need to be nicer to […]

  • DemoBdayFeat

    It’s My Birthday. Be Well, America

    I woke up this morning to this gift from my wife. It is obviously going to be a good night. For the unfamiliar, Demolition Man is a Meaney Family Classic. To a level where our family crest should basically just be a photo of Wesley Snipe’s character, Simon Phoenix. It is the very finest of dumb […]

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