• The Green Inferno

    Trailer: Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno

    Eli Roth’s upcoming film, The Green Inferno takes us amidst a cannibal tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest. The trailer is vague, but basically a bunch of U.S. student activists travel to the rainforest to save an ancient tribe from extinction. Guess what, though? It turns out that the tribe is a bunch of cannibals.  […]

  • The Other Gods

    “Lost” H.P. Lovecraft Animation: The Other Gods

    Famed author H.P. Lovecraft claimed to loathe cinema, so how did a production company find and restore a “lost” Lovecraft animated short from 1924?  Because it’s a marketing hoax, that’s how. Subterranea Entertainment’s The Other Gods has been around since 2006. This silent black-and-white animation tells the tale of a high priest and his disciple on […]

  • BatsFeat

    New Batman Animated Short: Strange Days

    To celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary, DC called in the venerable Bruce Timm, the man who gave us the excellent Batman: The Animated Series. Batman: Strange Days is a period piece where Bats takes on one of Gotham’s most fearsome villains, Dr. Hugo Strange.Take a look: The short is a superb combination of the old-timey black-and-white […]

  • archieFeat

    Archie Must Die

    Archie Comics is planning to kill Archie. For real, supposedly. I’ll let that sink in. PureFiller doesn’t normally cover comics, but this seems bizarre enough to be worth a mention. Archie, the character that you may vaguely remember as “that red-headed kid that friggin’ loves milkshakes” is going to “die heroically” in the 36th issue of Life […]

  • ApeGunFeat

    This Dawn of the Planet of the Apes photo is made of dreams

    It belongs in a museum. Or a full-back tattoo. Bask in its glory:  I mildly enjoyed the last Planet of the Apes movie, but dammit that one image just sold me on this sequel.  The other photos are less exciting: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opens on July 11th. If I’ve learned one thing […]

  • Augustus Gladstone Video Review Feat

    Video Review: The Immortal Augustus Gladstone

    Using the incredible power of moving images, check out the PureFiller video review of The Immortal Augustus Gladstone: Or you could just check my text review. Either way. I’m all about options.

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