Animated X-Files Promo From the NYCC Premiere

Check out this cool animated promo for Fox’s upcoming X-Files revival, with a special appearance by The Cigarette Smoking Man! Sure it’s essentially just an ad, but it’s still exciting, dammit. 

Thirteen years after the original series run, The X-Files is returning to television in a six-episode miniseries. Most of the important folks are coming back for the story’s official last hurrah, including creator Chris Carter. Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be back onboard to play Mulder and Scully. Unlike other show revivals, this one still seems like it might actually work out. At the very least, it sounds very “non-worry-inducing.” The X-Files will return starting with a special two-night event on Sunday, January 24th.

I loved the show, but never finished watching it “properly.” As January draws closer, I really need to wrap up the “non-Mulder years” of the original series, the second movies and the spin-off show, The Lone Gunmen. Man, I have a lot of television to catch up on…