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The Gilmore Girls Are Coming Back!

Will the Gilmore Girls finally get the ending it was always meant to receive? Netflix has confirmed that our favorite […]

Pure Filler Interview: Cary Elwes

Thirty years after the release of one of America’s most beloved films, The Princess Bride, we finally get to hear […]

Shia I am famous

Is Shia LaBeouf Plagiarizing Again?

Oh, Shia LaBeouf.  For someone so apologetic about plagiarizing, he sure is expressing his sorrow by …plagiarizing again.


In Dreams: A Dream Within a Dream

Imagine your most surreal dreams turned even more surreal.  A new seven-minute short film, In Dreams, documents everyday men and […]

The Monuments Men

Trailer: The Monuments Men: Clooney, Damon & “ART” vs. Hitler

The Monuments Men, directed by George Clooney, has released a new trailer, giving us a closer peek at what to expect […]

As You Wish

As We Wished: Cary Elwes to Pen ‘The Princess Bride’ Memoir

Touchstone, an imprint of publisher Simon and Schuster, announced this week that Cary Elwes will be writing a memoir about […]

Napoleon Feature

Baz Luhrmann to direct Kubrick’s Napoleon miniseries?

Strange to think that something Stanley Kubrick created could be gathering dust for years before any true consideration was given to […]