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Sidecast – Back at Last!!

We’re back with two whole episodes of Sidecast: This is the newest episode! And here is last week‘s episode! If you’re […]

No Sidecast This Week

Our reality got a little ahead of our recording schedule this week but we’ll be back next week! Get caught […]

NEW!! Sidecast 140 – Shockey Slam Slam

On this week’s episode, Matt is back. We’re also joined by our friend Jen from PSQuesdays to talk about video games, […]

Sidecast Sans Matt

The loonies are running the looney bin this week. Matt’s got some girl problems so Keith, Capcom and I decided […]

How About This Spiderman Thing?

Spiderman broke the web this week.  In case you missed the news, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures did something you […]

Coming Soon to Netflix: Marvel’s Daredevil

The wait is over… for the trailer at least.  On April 10, Daredevil–know to Marvelites as “The Man Without Fear”–arrives […]

SIDECAST 139 – Attack of the Butt Raptors

This week, Keith and our friend Nekobun give us a recap of their adventures at  the Music and Games Festival (MAGFest) […]

Game of Thrones Season 5 Special: A Day in the Life

With season five of HBO’s Game of Thrones still 67 days away as of this writing–yes, I am counting–the network will be airing […]

SIDECAST 138 – Ret-Con 2015

We invited a friend this week since Keith’s at MAGfest 2015.  We’ll get his recap on our next episode. Our […]


Matt, Keith and Mel are joined by our favorite Twitch tv-streaming super fan, The Nekobun. We’ve always been your number […]