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Sidecast 136: Fascination with Amputation

In this week’s episode, we’re chatting about everything from wrestling to Diablo 3.  The cast is back together for the […]

Game of Thrones on the REALLY big screen

The new season of Game of Thrones has been announced!  According to this official tweet, season five is set to […]

New Year, New Episode. SIDECAST 135

The holidays are over and it’s 2015 at last.  Matt, Keith and I mention some of the 2014 stuff we missed […]

Sidecast: Third Annual End of the World Show

It’s that time of year again! Each December, we celebrate the third anniversary of the Mayan Apocalypse that never was with some […]

Podcast: SIDECAST Episode 133

Matt, Keith and Mel are getting ready for the holidays plus we discuss the Suicide Squad cast and other DC […]

Welcome to SIDECAST – Episode 123. You Must Be New Here!

  Welcome to Sidecast, a weekly discussion podcast that you may have heard mentioned on Fish in the Percolator!  We’ve […]

STAR WARS: REBELS – Not Too Late To Join Up!

Obligatory SPOILER ALERT: As a Star Wars junkie, I can’t guarantee that I won’t inadvertently mention something that you don’t […]

Gotham: First Impressions

Three episodes deep into Gotham and I’ve made a decision: Gotham can be good.