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Some Old, Something New: Green Room & Split

My brother and I are starting a new video / podcast thing called Something Old, Something New. We’re talking about […]

Just Watch: Beauty & Voldemort Mashup

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from hashtags in the past few months, it’s that the Harry Potter series are the only […]

Valentine's Day Explosion Montage

Happy Valentine’s Day: Explosions

A lot of people are joyously happy today. Great. But happy people don’t need to be made more happy on Valentine’s Day. All […]

Tom Cruise Falling through other movies

Just Watch: Tom Cruise Falling Into Other Movies

This is as dumb as it is hilarious. Youtuber “DrMachakil” has struck gold here.

Jay and Silent Bob ride again

Jay and Silent Bob Ride Again!

Clerks III and the Mallrats TV show sound fairly dead in the water, but Jay and Silent Bob still prevail.

Castlevania on Netflix

Netflix & Warren Ellis Are Making a Castlevania Series

That’s basically all anyone knows right now about Castlevania on Netflix. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or […]


Those Bad Boys Sequels Are In Trouble

Both of Sony’s planned Bad Boys sequels have been downgraded from “we are definitely making these!” to “we are tentatively, possibly making these! […]

Action Park

They’re Kinda-Sorta Making an Action Park Movie

Action Park will star America’s favorite son, Johnny Knoxville. These are the truest words that could ever be typed. I just wiped […]

Dune reboot by the Arrival guy

Yet Another Reboot: Dune

Another day, another reboot. The upcoming Dune re-do now has an official director: Denis Villeneuve, the guy who directed Arrival and Sicario. We’ll […]

When the Street Lights Go On: Stranger Things meets Zodiac

When the Street Lights Go On: Stranger Things meets Zodiac

While we’re still draping everything in faux ‘80s nostalgia, here is one more show that seems worth a watch. When the Street […]