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Honest Trailer: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

I don’t usually repost Honest Trailers, but every once in a blue moon one of these makes me smile. This one for […]

Michelle Rodriguez is a Sex-Changed Assassin in The Assignment

Walter Hill and Michelle Rodriguez just took home dual trophies for the biggest balls in Hollywood. You should know Walter […]

It’s Punisher vs. Predator: Thomas Jane is Joining the Cast!

Casting news has confirmed that Thomas Jane is in the final stages of accepting a role in Shane Black’s upcoming Predator […]

The Science of Arrival

How Accurate is the Science of Arrival?

When the Oscars roll around next month, Arrival is sure to be in the running for multiple awards. If you still […]

Die Hard Final Destination

Now Die Hard and Final Destination Are Both Christmas Movies

Thanks to some lunatic genius on YouTube. Enjoy:

War Dogs Review Purefiller

Review: War Dogs

What if two regular dudes became international arms dealers on a whim? Here’s my spoiler-free review for War Dogs. 

Sausage Party Review

Review: Sausage Party

If you like dick jokes and lame sex puns then I have great news for you about Sausage Party.  Yeah. […]

Edge of Winter Review

Review: Edge of Winter

It’s the PureFiller spoiler-free review for Edge of Winter, the new thriller from director Rob Connolly.

Suicide Squad Review

Review: Suicide Squad

Summer 2016 has been a rough one. Check out my review of Suicide Squad: