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Trailer: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Before we head into the weekend, let’s bask in the warm embrace of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For: […]

Game Review: Infinite Scuba

Let’s take a quick break from movies and TV. I recently got a chance to check out a pretty unique […]

The identity of the Yellow King

True Detective: The Yellow King Revealed

Finally, someone has cracked the identity of The Yellow King: Sorry, I just saw this on Slate and had to […]

AllFlicks has all the movies

AllFlicks Lists Every Movie on Netflix

A while back I was raving about InstantWatcher. I still swear by that site, but might be even better.

Oscars Winners

And The Oscar Goes To: Pizza, Selfies and Gravity

The Oscars were last night.  If you missed them–because you were wisely watching True Detective instead–here are the highlights:

Netflix in March... without trailers

March Netflix Update Lite: Now Without Trailers

Following a request, here is the list of movies that are coming to Netflix Streaming in March… this time without a thousand […]

The Final Member trailer

The Final Member: A Documentary About a Penis Collection

Now that I have your attention, The Final Member is a documentary about the world’s only “Penis Museum” and the […]

Netflix Streaming in March

Coming Soon to Netflix Instant – March 2014

I always forget how short February is. Here are some of the movies that are coming to Netflix streaming, with trailers: […]

Godzilla 2014 Roar

Who Wants To Hear The New Godzilla Roar?

Well then here you go: 

Anchorman 2 r-rated cut

Alternate R-Rated “Remake” of Anchorman 2 Coming Soon

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues was heavily improvised.  Obviously, the cast did many, many takes for each scene. A lot […]