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New & Normal on Netflix: 3 Movie Picks for “casual” viewers

November is shaping up to be a pretty decent month for Netflix.  

Director J.C. Chandor Explains the All Is Lost Ending

Beware of spoilers. Obviously.

Louis C.K. Short Films

The Short Films of Louis C.K.

Most people know Louis CK from his deeply personal comedy specials and as the star and creator of the hit […]


Trailer: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Knoxville rides again! 


Trailer: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Here comes another “interesting” Ben Stiller project. 

DP Steam Feature

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut on Steam Greenlight

Did you see that, Zach?! Clear as a crisp spring morning! Deadly Premonition is coming to PC!

The Cabin in the Woods

Universal Orlando invites you to The Cabin in the Woods

Where is my credit card? I need to book a flight.

PODCAST BATTLE: Arrested Development Season Four

In a sea of wildly incorrect opinions, only Scott and his sister Marielle (you remember her) bravely stood up to speak […]

Hemlock Grove

Eli Roth’s Werewolf show is now on Netflix

Netflix has finally launched its next original series, Hemlock Grove. Starting this weekend, subscribers will be able to stream all […]

Reaper Feature

The Triumphant Return of Reaper

According to Deadline, the cult classic TV show, Reaper, is making a comeback. FEARnet has licensed the entire two series […]