“Bat Tank! The Crime-Solving Tank!” is on sale

Let’s talk games. Sony is doing a Superhero Sale this week for Playstation. You can see everything that’s discounted here.

I’m not here to tell you about that, though. I’m here to issue a warning about the latest Batman game, Arkham Knight.

The first two games in the Arkham series were amazing. Players could actually feel what it might be like to actually be the Batman.

In Arkham Knight, Batman is more of a freelance tank-driver than anything. He solves almost any crime using his boredom-mobile to shoot at robot tanks and drones. Imagine the sheer thrills of slowly strafing back and forth for hours.

Literally any time Batman could possibly solve a case using a tank, you will be calling in that slow-moving tank. It’s basically Knightboat: The Game.

Here’s the full experience in bite-sized youtube form:

(I didn’t care for Arkham Knight. Your mileage may vary.)