Bojack Horseman on Netflix: The Reviews Are In!

Will Arnett’s new horse-based “edgy” cartoon, Bojack Horseman, has finally premiered on Netflix. Here’s what all of the discerning critics are saying about it:

Bojack Horseman isn’t aggressively “awful.” It’s just painfully mediocre. That’s too bad, because I really like Will Arnett and I’d love to see him land another great project. Unfortunately, this animated series feels violently underdeveloped. It’s exactly the type of show that I’d quietly hoped it wouldn’t be. Bojack is riddled with easy animal puns, off-brand “GOB-isms” (if you will) and lazy child-actor-turned-drunk jokes. Basically, it’s a textbook case of “no one will ever remember or reference this” television. There’s nothing to hate here, but with content this shallow, it’s hard to feel anything about Bojack Horseman.

Here’s the trailer: