Let’s Try This Again: Hitman: Agent 47

It might seem unnecessary to reboot movies that are less than a decade old, but I’m okay with this one. Hitman: […]

Jon Stewart Is Leaving the Daily Show

Comedy Central just confirmed that Jon Stewart is officially leaving The Daily Show. During the taping of today’s episode, Jon told […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 21 – Checkmate

This week we’re remembering the magic of Jean Renault, Twin Peaks‘ Frenchiest French-Canadian. Join us for Checkmate, the thirteenth episode of the second […]

Red Band Trailer: Straight Outta Compton with Intro from Dr. Dre and Ice Cube

Oh look, another biopic. At least this one seems have some authenticity going for it. The Red Band trailer for Straight Outta […]

Coming Soon to Netflix: Marvel’s Daredevil

The wait is over… for the trailer at least.  On April 10, Daredevil–know to Marvelites as “The Man Without Fear”–arrives […]

Game of Thrones Season 5 Special: A Day in the Life

With season five of HBO’s Game of Thrones still 67 days away as of this writing–yes, I am counting–the network will be airing […]

Somebody Turned the Silent Hills Demo Into a Found Footage Horror Movie

There is no shortage of game videos on Youtube these days, but this one is different. An editor named Nabil Ayari, turned his […]

Super Cool Pixel Art Version of The Simpsons Intro

Unlike other recent “headline-making” Simpsons intro reimaginings–such as Banksy’s or Guillermo Del Toro’s–this pixel art loaded video isn’t remotely official. It’s […]

Teaser: Wet Hot American Summer: The Series

A limited 8-episode series based on the cult classic film, Wet Hot American Summer has been in the works for […]

The Mythbusters Take on Doom

On January 31, Jamie and Adam will be using all of their Mythbusting abilities to pick apart one of the greatest […]