Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 20 – Black Widow

This is easily our most tangent-filled, antagonistic episode yet. Join us as we discuss the illustrious career of Tony Jay, […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 19 – Masked Ball

This week, we are once again joined by the illustrious Mel Gray. We’re watching the eleventh episode of season two: Masked Ball. […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 18 – Dispute Between Brothers

This week we’re talking Mighty Max, Tales from the Hood and a Dispute Between Brothers, the tenth episode of the second […]

Twin Peaks Commentary Track: Episode 18: Dispute Between Brothers

In this Twin Peaks commentary track, Scott and Matt are watching the tenth episode of season two: A Dispute Between […]

Game of Thrones on the REALLY big screen

The new season of Game of Thrones has been announced!  According to this official tweet, season five is set to […]

Watch This Trailer for Demonic

With hits like Insidious, Saw and The Conjuring under his belt, James Wan has become a solid, respectable name to slap on […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 17 – Arbitrary Law

Coop, Harry and Hawk are ready to wrap up the Laura Palmer murder saga. This podcast covers Arbitrary Law, the ninth episode of the […]

Stallone Announces Rambo 5 Title

We finally know what to call the fifth Rambo movie. Sylvester Stallone mentioned the new title in this tweet from last week: […]

Twin Peaks Commentary Track: Episode 17: Arbitrary Law

It’s 2015 and we’re back, as promised! This week’s commentary track focuses on the eighth episode of season two: Arbitrary Law.

Watch This: 20-Minute Sneak Peak of R.L. Stine’s Eye Candy

MTV is producing a miniseries based on acclaimed horror author R.L. Stine’s best-selling novel, Eye Candy. Take a look at this 20-minute […]