Attention: The Original Robocop Has Returned to Netflix

Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 classic film, Robocop, is now available on Netflix streaming. It is time to reject all false Robocops. All hail the […]

Christine Cavanaugh, voice of Chuckie, Dexter & Babe, dies at 51

Here is some last-minute sad news before we close out 2014. Christine Cavanaugh, the voice actress behind a stunning amount of beloved characters, has […]

Hey Look, It’s The Millennium Falcon!

I’m not usually one to immediately repost “barely news” from another site, but Screen Junkies made a great find (via […]

Phantasm V Wishes You Happy Holidays… And Blows Up a City

The Phantasm series is probably the least-remembered “major” horror franchises there is, but dammit, it’s one of my favorites. Take a look […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 16 – Drive with a Dead Girl

We’re knee deep in the resolution of Laura Palmer’s murder. This week’s podcast covers Drive with a Dead Girl, the eighth episode […]

Twin Peaks Commentary Track: Episode 16: Drive with a Dead Girl

Leland’s on the run. Ben’s in jail. Jerry’s lawyerin’. This week’s commentary track focuses on the eighth episode of season […]

Trailer: The Little Prince

Mad Max aside, there’s another trailer that’s been blowing up twitter this week. Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s book, The Little Prince, […]

Holy Crap, Mad Max: Fury Road Looks Incredible

Here’s the latest trailer for the new Mad Max movie, Fury Road. I’m getting uncomfortably excited for this tomfoolery. Take […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 15 – Laura’s Killer Revealed!

Join us as we lose our damn minds over the reveal of Laura Palmer’s killer! This week’s podcast covers Lonely Souls, the seventh episode […]

Super Creepy One-Minute Short Film: Tuck Me In

Got a minute? Then you should check out this disturbing minute-long short film from Director Ignacio F. Rodo: