Gotham: First Impressions

Three episodes deep into Gotham and I’ve made a decision: Gotham can be good.

Pure Filler Interview: Cary Elwes

Thirty years after the release of one of America’s most beloved films, The Princess Bride, we finally get to hear […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Fish in the Percolator Episode 7

This week, Matt and I are joined by their old podcasting buddy, Greg Giannetti to talk about “Realization Time,” the seventh episode […]

Twin Peaks Commentary Track: Episode 7: Realization Time

In this Fish in the Percolator commentary track, Matt Chorney, Scott Meaney and special guest, Greg Giannetti, are watching Realization Time, the seventh episode of Twin Peaks.

Better Call Saul: Music Video and Trailer

Here’s a new commercial-slash-music-video for Better Call Saul. This video features an original song performed by Junior Brown, with lyrics written […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Fish in the Percolator Episode 6

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s commentary track, it’s time for this week’s Fish in the Percolator podcast. Today, Matt and I are talking […]

Twin Peaks IS coming back. To Showtime!

It turns out that last week’s post was right! According to the AV Club, Showtime has confirmed that co-creators David Lynch […]

Twin Peaks Commentary Track: Episode 6: Cooper’s Dreams

In this week’s Fish in the Percolator commentary track, Matt Chorney and I are watching “Cooper’s Dreams,” the sixth episode of Twin […]

Are Lynch and Frost teasing MORE Twin Peaks?!

I swear I’m not trying to write a click-baity “question that ultimately ends in ‘NO!’ title” here. Frost and Lynch actually might […]

Streaming on Netflix in October 2014

Happy October! The devil summer heat is finally over. Here’s a look at the newest movies and shows that are streaming […]