Trailer: Inherent Vice THE MOVIE

We’re finally getting a look at Paul Thomas Anderson’s much-anticipated adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s famously complicated novel, Inherent Vice.

Twin Peaks Podcast: Fish in the Percolator Episode 5

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s commentary track, it’s time for this week’s Fish in the Percolator podcast. This time, Matt and I are talking […]

Fish in the Percolator Commentary Episode 5

Twin Peaks Commentary Track: Episode 5: The One-Armed Man

In this week’s Fish in the Percolator commentary track, Matt Chorney and I are watching “The One-Armed Man,” the fifth episode […]

Put this silent, black & white recut of Raiders of the Lost Ark on at your next hipster party

Well that’s immediately what I thought to do with this, at least. Steven Soderbergh supposedly retired from filmmaking last year, but […]

Twin Peaks Rewatch Commentary Track: Episode 4: Rest in Pain

You’ve heard our discussion podcast, now check out the Fish in the Percolator commentary track for “Rest in Pain,” the fourth […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Fish in the Percolator Episode 4

On today’s episode of Fish in the Percolator, Matt and I are joined by Mel Gray from SideCast. We’re watching Rest in Pain, […]

Problem Child Feature

In 2014, someone is making a Problem Child TV show. In 2014.

Who remembers 1989’s Problem Child? Anyone? Just me, huh? Well, too bad. NBC is turning it into a sitcom anyway.

John Wick feature

John Wick: a big-budget revenge film about a man & his dog

A man at a gas station wants to buy Keanu Reaves’ car. Keanu refuses. The man kills Keanu’s dog. Big mistake. […]

Twin Peaks Podcast Project: Fish in the Percolator Episode 3

This week Matt and I are watching Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer, the third episode of Twin Peaks …and talking […]

HIMYM Alt ending

How I Met Your Mother Alternate Ending Released

How I Met Your Mother‘s loyal audience was pretty pissed off with the way the show wrapped up its ninth […]