Dumbland: David Lynch made a cartoon

Surprise, surprise: it is really disturbing and definitely not for kids.

Watch Every Episode of Sealab for Free

It’s an Alvis Time miracle!

New Candid Interview With The Life Aquatic Team

Criterion Collection’s Blu-ray of The Life Aquatic is finally almost here. To celebrate, Criterion has shared this online-only conversation between Jeff Goldblum, Wes Anderson, […]

Behold The Official Name: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Personally, I was really banking on Batman Vs. Superman: The Edge of Reason. 

Jessica Chastain in True Detective Season Two?

Rumor has it that series creator Nic Pizzolato has approached Zero Dark Thirty’s Jessica Chastain for a lead role in […]

All The Classic Godzilla Movies on Netflix and Hulu Plus

Disappointed by that new Godzilla movie? Hollywood let you down again? Buck up, champ. Rubber Suit Godzilla never leaves his […]

Announcing Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery

Twin Peaks is my favorite television show. Now, after twenty-five years, we’re finally getting a definitive home edition.

HellBlazer Comes to TV in NBC’s Constantine

Years after we’ve all forgotten the dismal Keanu Reeves movie, America is getting a second chance at the demon hunting […]

136 Years of Visual Effects in Three Minutes

Director Jim Casey created this video showcasing the evolution of visual effects over 136 years. It is glorious.

First Photo of the Ben Affleck Batman Suit

Far be it from me to be the only person not posting this today. Spoiler: It looks like a Batman […]