Be Extremely Hesitantly Excited For Bad Santa 2

It’s a boiling hot July day! What better time to remind you that Bad Santa 2 is inexplicably still coming out? 

So About Colbert Last Night…

These past twelve or so months have been a bitter pill. Jon Stewart retired. Stephen Colbert moved to a new network. […]

The State: Where Are They Now?

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, which premiered on Netflix this past summer, revisited the 2001 film that […]

Meet Your Next Time Travel Movie: Synchronicity

Synchronicity is the new time travel film from Jacob Gentry, the director of 2007’s cult hit, The Signal. In Gentry’s new […]

Gods of Egypt: What the hell is THIS?

Just what is Gods of Egypt? I have no earthly notion, but let’s puzzle through this fascinating trailer anyway. Man alive, it’s […]

Supercut: The Best Movie Moments of 2015

Catch the best movie moments of the year in under seven minutes with one intricate supercut video. Stunningly, it is not […]

It’s My Birthday. Be Well, America

I woke up this morning to this gift from my wife. It is obviously going to be a good night. […]

Move over Star Wars: Here’s The Hateful Eight Trailer

I know everyone can’t shut up about Star Wars, but I know what movie I’m looking forward to: here’s the official trailer […]

Olympus Has Fallen CRUSHED White House Down

Back in 2013, we were inexplicably given two movies with the same damn plot: White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen. In both films, a […]

Hell. Yes. Olympus Has Fallen 2

It’s called London Has Fallen. A little on the nose, but eh, close enough. Here’s the trailer: