Cannon Canon Podcast: The Last American Virgin

On today’s episode of The Cannon Canon podcast, John and Sean are back with another discussion of the Cannon Films Canon! Join them as […]

Never Sleep Again: A Four-Hour Freddy Krueger Doc

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Black Mass: Johnny Depp Has a New Hat

Johnny Depp’s upcoming film, Black Mass is a totally different role for him. Here’s the trailer: On one hand, Depp’s […]

Dumb But Fun: Congo

Let’s take a quick break from podcasts and film news to talk about my favorite topic: “stupid movies that are accidentally delightful.” […]

Red Band Trailer: Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves

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Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 29: Miss Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks Commentary: Episode 29: Miss Twin Peaks

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After The Smoke Clears: Gotham Season 1

Gotham returned to FOX’s Monday night line up on April 13th with the final three episodes of its freshman season. […]

Cannon Canon Podcast: Bolero

Sean and John discuss the cinematic crime that is 1984’s Bolero. Join them as they scrape the bottom of the […]

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