Doom 2016 Trophy Guide For Dummies: “A Toe Into Madness”

I finally platinumed Doom and figured others might want a “For Dummies” guide to the daunting “A Toe Into Madness” trophy and/or […]

“Bat Tank! The Crime-Solving Tank!” is on sale

Let’s talk games. Sony is doing a Superhero Sale this week for Playstation. You can see everything that’s discounted here. I’m […]

Somebody Turned the Silent Hills Demo Into a Found Footage Horror Movie

There is no shortage of game videos on Youtube these days, but this one is different. An editor named Nabil Ayari, turned his […]

More than a game free movie

Watch Fighting Game Documentary “More Than A Game” For Free

More Than a Game is a documentary about the Evolution Championship Series (“Evo” for short), the world’s largest video game fighting tournament. For a […]

It is E3 Week on a movie site

Look, I’ll level with you. I’m an enormous gamer nerd and this week is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, an annual […]

clever, right?

House of CoD: Call of Duty Teams with Vice… and Kevin Spacey

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. Check out this slick-as-hell Vice produced video tie-in […]


My Girl: The Movie: The Video Game

Behold, today I present the genius work of an unhinged madman. Some lunatic made an indie game out of the […]

Infinite Scuba video review

Game Review: Infinite Scuba

Let’s take a quick break from movies and TV. I recently got a chance to check out a pretty unique […]

Dungeon Keeper Review

Dungeon Keeper Reboot: Bring Money!

The iOS reboot of Dungeon Keeper is finally here. Is it a faithful return to the 1997 classic or a […]

Holy Crap, South Park: The Stick of Truth Looks Awesome

This new behind-the-scenes video with Matt Stone and Trey Parker really sells their upcoming game, South Park: The Stick of […]