Cannon Canon Podcast: Breakin’

On the second episode of the Cannon Canon podcast, John and Sean are back to pop and lock their way through […]

Introducing the Cannon Canon Podcast

Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce The Cannon Canon, a new podcast we’ll be sharing on PureFiller. This comes from my […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 24 The Condemned Woman

Time for a frank discussion about turning women into doorknobs. This week, we’re joined by special guest Fionan Franklin to talk about […]

Twin Peaks Commentary: Episode 24: The Condemned Woman

In this week’s Twin Peaks commentary track, we’re watching the 16th episode of season two: The Condemned Woman. This is the one […]

No Sidecast This Week

Our reality got a little ahead of our recording schedule this week but we’ll be back next week! Get caught […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 23 Slaves and Masters

It’s still Tuesday, so it’s time for the podcast. This week, Ben Horne wins the Civil War in the fifteenth episode of […]

NEW!! Sidecast 140 – Shockey Slam Slam

On this week’s episode, Matt is back. We’re also joined by our friend Jen from PSQuesdays to talk about video games, […]

Twin Peaks Commentary: Episode 23: Slaves and Masters

In this week’s Twin Peaks commentary track, Scott and Matt are watching the fifteenth episode of season two: Slaves and Masters.

Adventures in Casual Racism: “Asian Man Killed!!”

Twin Peaks has certainly had a few brushes with early ’90s racism, but nothing will ever be as awkwardly embarrassing as the […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 22 – Asian Man Killed!!

This week’s episode is technically titled Double Play, but something else caught our attention. It’s another adventure in the occasionally bafflingly casually […]