Review: War Dogs

What if two regular dudes became international arms dealers on a whim? Here’s my spoiler-free review for War Dogs. 

Review: Sausage Party

If you like dick jokes and lame sex puns then I have great news for you about Sausage Party.  Yeah. […]

Edge of Winter Review

Review: Edge of Winter

It’s the PureFiller spoiler-free review for Edge of Winter, the new thriller from director Rob Connolly.

Suicide Squad Review

Review: Suicide Squad

Summer 2016 has been a rough one. Check out my review of Suicide Squad:

Gotham: First Impressions

Three episodes deep into Gotham and I’ve made a decision: Gotham can be good.

Augustus Gladstone Video Review Feat

Video Review: The Immortal Augustus Gladstone

Using the incredible power of moving images, check out the PureFiller video review of The Immortal Augustus Gladstone: Or you could […]

The Immortal Augustus Gladstone review

Review: The Immortal Augustus Gladstone

What if I told you that the guy behind Myst made a movie? During the early ‘90s, Robyn Miller changed […]