Fish in the Percolators: Ep 1 through 4 Grab Bag

We’re back with a Fish in the Percolator Grab Bag! It’s been a busy busy few weeks, but we’re caught up with episodes 1 through […]

Twin Peaks Commentary Track: Episode 8: The Last Evening

In this Fish in the Percolator commentary track, Matt and I are finally wrapping up the first season of Twin Peaks. We are watching The […]

Gotham: First Impressions

Three episodes deep into Gotham and I’ve made a decision: Gotham can be good.

The Wire Remastered: Omar Comin’ Back in HD

According to HBOWatch, The Wire is finally getting a high definition update. This was just a highly suspect rumor backed only […]

Bojack Horseman on Netflix: The Reviews Are In!

Will Arnett’s new horse-based “edgy” cartoon, Bojack Horseman, has finally premiered on Netflix. Here’s what all of the discerning critics are […]

Alert: True Detective is coming to Blu-ray and DVD this week

It’s almost time! Everyone get excited to relive the adventures of Rust and Marty versus the Yellow King. 

New To Netflix Instant – June 2014

It’s that time again, let’s see what new movies are starting to stream on Netflix in June:

Watch the Trailer for Gotham: The Batman TV series

And then instantly regret that decision.

Netflix Streaming Update April

Coming To Netflix Instant – April 2014

It’s a new month, here are some of the new movies you can find on Netflix’s Instant Streaming service:

24 feature

PSA: You’d Better Finish Watching 24 Quickly

If you’ve been lazily binge-watching 24 on Netflix, it’s time to pick up the pace. Netflix’s rights to the show expire on […]