Fish in the Percolator: Episode 36

Fish in the Percolator is back again. This time we’re talking the fifth new Showtime episode of Twin Peaks. It’s […]

Doom 2016 Trophy Guide For Dummies: “A Toe Into Madness”

I finally platinumed Doom and figured others might want a “For Dummies” guide to the daunting “A Toe Into Madness” trophy and/or […]

Lefou confirmed for Gay

LeFou: Confirmed for Gay

Come listen to a grown adult man have a hissy fit about a children’s film. What can I say? I’m […]

Oscars 2017 Review

Well hey… Moonlight was the best movie by any margin anyway. Burn baby, burn! Hardcore Henry was robbed.

Just Watch: Beauty & Voldemort Mashup

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from hashtags in the past few months, it’s that the Harry Potter series are the only […]

Valentine's Day Explosion Montage

Happy Valentine’s Day: Explosions

A lot of people are joyously happy today. Great. But happy people don’t need to be made more happy on Valentine’s Day. All […]

Action Park

They’re Kinda-Sorta Making an Action Park Movie

Action Park will star America’s favorite son, Johnny Knoxville. These are the truest words that could ever be typed. I just wiped […]

Die Hard Final Destination

Now Die Hard and Final Destination Are Both Christmas Movies

Thanks to some lunatic genius on YouTube. Enjoy:

Sidecast 167 – Transmission

This week, we’re talking about Charles Bronson – a lot – because we think everyone should be talking about him […]

Gods of Egypt: What the hell is THIS?

Just what is Gods of Egypt? I have no earthly notion, but let’s puzzle through this fascinating trailer anyway. Man alive, it’s […]