People Keep Throwing Pizza at the Breaking Bad House

Two things. First, Walter White’s house from Breaking Bad is an actual house that someone owns in real life. Second, […]

Round Up: 11 Wes Anderson Parody Videos

Wow, there sure are a lot of Wes Anderson parodies on YouTube. Everyone seems to be posting that new X-Men one today, […]

Introducing the Cannon Canon Podcast

Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce The Cannon Canon, a new podcast we’ll be sharing on PureFiller. This comes from my […]

Twin Peaks Commentary: Episode 24: The Condemned Woman

In this week’s Twin Peaks commentary track, we’re watching the 16th episode of season two: The Condemned Woman. This is the one […]

No Sidecast This Week

Our reality got a little ahead of our recording schedule this week but we’ll be back next week! Get caught […]

Watch Weird Al and Animal the Muppet Get Whiplashed

Everybody likes Whiplash, right? It was definitely my favorite of all the movies up for Best Picture this year. Let’s enjoy some great Whiplash […]

Twin Peaks Commentary: Episode 23: Slaves and Masters

In this week’s Twin Peaks commentary track, Scott and Matt are watching the fifteenth episode of season two: Slaves and Masters.

Reminder: Joan Rivers Was A Legendary Badass

Let’s take a moment to remember Joan Rivers, since the Oscars decided to leave her out of this year’s “In Memoriam” […]

Adventures in Casual Racism: “Asian Man Killed!!”

Twin Peaks has certainly had a few brushes with early ’90s racism, but nothing will ever be as awkwardly embarrassing as the […]

Sidecast Sans Matt

The loonies are running the looney bin this week. Matt’s got some girl problems so Keith, Capcom and I decided […]