Seinfeld: How It Began

This was just posted on Reddit, but here is an hour-long documentary about how Seinfeld became a series. It’s a really […]

Twin Peaks Podcast: Fish in the Percolator Episode 13

This week’s episode of the podcast covers The Orchid’s Curse, the fifth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks. Here’s a taste of what […]

Blu-ray Deals for Tuesday, Nov. 25

It’s Black Friday week, so it’s pretty much deal time across the board. Here are some of the best Blu-ray […]

Haunters – A Documentary About The People That Live to Scare Us

Haunters is an upcoming documentary about the folks who create some of the world’s craziest haunted houses. A friend of mine turned me on […]

Watch This: Captain America: Winter Soldier 80’s VHS Trailer

Part Robocop, Part Die Hard, Part Escape from NY: All Captain America. This trailer mashup is definitely required viewing. 

Pure Filler Interview: Cary Elwes

Thirty years after the release of one of America’s most beloved films, The Princess Bride, we finally get to hear […]

Problem Child Feature

In 2014, someone is making a Problem Child TV show. In 2014.

Who remembers 1989’s Problem Child? Anyone? Just me, huh? Well, too bad. NBC is turning it into a sitcom anyway.

DuckTales Live Action

DuckTales with real ducks… and other DuckTales tomfoolery

I’m late to the party on this one, but here is a video of the DuckTales theme song starring real ducks. […]

Twin Peaks Podcast Project: Fish in the Percolator Episode 2

In our second episode and commentary track, Scott and Matt are watching Traces to Nowhere, the second episode of the Twin Peaks […]