Dark Blarts: The Disturbing Paul Blart 2 Recut

Who wants to see a trailer for a dark re-imagining of Paul Blart: Mall Cop? Take a look this fake trailer for the new thriller: Dark Blarts.

The video’s description says it all:

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is known to the public at large as a farce comedy, noted for the slapstick hijinks and physical comedy of Kevin James in his role as the titular mall cop.

It wasn’t always meant to be that way.

David Fincher was originally tapped to bring a certain gravitas to the film series that studio heads felt was missing from the first film. His concept was much darker, far more sinister, aiming to give audiences a heart-pounding, character-driven thriller in the vein of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991) and ONE HOUR PHOTO (2002). With this in mind, Fincher pushed James to conceive a darker Blart—a nuanced, troubled antihero, driven to the edge by his life’s failures. Believing audiences were on his side, Fincher went into production on his morbid, gritty vision of his newly-envisioned Blart thrillogy.

But a reshuffling of executives within Columbia Pictures did away with Fincher’s original champions. Despite critical acclaim, numerous festival awards, and wide praise from the press who attended early screenings, Fincher was cut loose and replaced with director Andy Fickman, who oversaw numerous reshoots, massive edits, and a completely new edition of the film prior to the film’s nationwide theatrical release.

After much conflict, the newly edited, family-friendly cut of the film made its way into theaters in the spring of 2015, and Columbia destroyed all copies of the original edition.

But an editor from the original film, disappointed in Columbia’s sharp turn away from Fincher’s intended vision, surreptitiously held onto a copy of the original version of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and leaked it to members of the Blartdom—the small but rabid online community devoted to all things “Mall Cop.” Within their circles, this version is known as the “Dark Blarts” cut.

This is the trailer for that film.


This parody trailer is funny, but it’s also almost exactly what the real movie, Observe and Report was like. I’m not necessarily recommending Observe and Report–it was decent, but nothing amazing–but if you’d like to see a dark take on Paul Blart, there it is.