Dave Chappelle: “I’m Seven Years Late for Work”

The elusive Dave Chappelle finally speaks up about “quitting” Chappelle’s Show. It turns out… he didn’t.

(He totally did, though. I would have sent armed assassins after him, if I was Comedy Central.)

Chappelle sightings have been rare these past few years. Every since his show disappeared in 2006, he’s only been on TV a handful of times. This interview with David Letterman touches on a lot of subjects that Chappelle fans have been wondering about, including his time in South Africa, how he could turn down all that money, and “what the hell has he been doing for all these years?”


Chappelle Reps

Reps, apparently. He’s been “doin’ reps.”             (Photo via CNN)

This might be a new beginning for Chappelle. He’s returning to public standup with a huge Radio City Music Hall show. A show that we can assume will be recorded and available for streaming. Hopefully very soon.

Dammit, it’s good to see Dave again. I’ve missed the man, what can I say?