Holy Crap, South Park: The Stick of Truth Looks Awesome

This new behind-the-scenes video with Matt Stone and Trey Parker really sells their upcoming game, South Park: The Stick of Truth. Take a look:

First of all, I have always had the highest faith in Obsidian Entertainment. As a developer, Obsidian has consistently churned out some of the most interesting games available today, such as Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas. These projects could have easily become boring, by-the-numbers titles, but the studio consistently creates incredibly detailed worlds populated by strong, believable characters. In my opinion, Obsidian Entertainment is the best story-focused studio in the game business.

Second, as we discussed in a recent episode of the Mutually Assured Destruction podcast, I have a deep love for South Park. The fact that Matt and Trey seem so heavily involved with this title is great news. Knowing that the writing staff of the TV show is working hand-in-hand with a game company that richly understands the value of the property is very promising.

South Park: The Stick of Truth really seems like it’s going to be something special. It hits stores on March 4, 2014.