In 2014, someone is making a Problem Child TV show. In 2014.

Who remembers 1989’s Problem Child? Anyone? Just me, huh? Well, too bad. NBC is turning it into a sitcom anyway.

The original movie was a comedy about an orphan boy named Junior who was adopted by John Ritter. Junior was an honest-to-god sociopath whose role model was a serial killer. I’m not joking. That was actually the plot of the film.

Michael Richards: Killer

Oh, and the serial killer was played by Michael Richards. Problem Child was a pretty weird movie now that I think about it…

According to Deadline, the upcoming sitcom will be written by Scot Armstrong, the man who brought us Old School and The Hangover Part II. That’s all we know right now. This thing is going to briefly exist and we’ll have to deal with it for a few episodes.

That said, the original movie is interesting just for how shockingly dark it is. Seriously, Junior wasn’t your average lovable scamp with a mischievous grin. He was a dangerous little bastard. Here, watch this scene where he beats a whole team of little leaguers with a baseball bat:


You know what? I just realized that part of me kind of loves Problem Child.