Introducing the Cannon Canon Podcast

Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce The Cannon Canon, a new podcast we’ll be sharing on PureFiller. This comes from my buddy John, who some of you may recognize as “Johnny Capcom” from the Sidecast Podcast. He and his friend just started this brand new show about a particular brand of terrible/wonderful 80s films. I already absolutely love it.

Here’s the official description of the Cannon Canon podcast:

It’s time for episode one of the Cannon Canon podcast! Join John and his friend on their first foray into the back catalogue of the studio that was the beating heart of 80’s cinema, Cannon Films! Every fortnight two men who worship at the altar of Golan-Globus, John and Sean will select a new volume from the Cannon Canon and discuss it at length. Cannon films were all about fun, and that’s what we aim to bring here in spades. In episode one we discuss the Chuck Norris 1985 vehicle “Invasion U.S.A.”, which follows a one man army named Matt Hunter who feels somewhat strongly about a bunch of terrorists invading his homeland. So buckle up, groom your beard and get ready for your earballs to be invaded by maximum force conversation.