It is E3 Week on a movie site

Look, I’ll level with you. I’m an enormous gamer nerd and this week is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, an annual conference where all the new video games are announced. This week is essentially “Geek Christmas,” and it is consuming every bit of my attention.

Unfortunately, I barely write game news and reviews these days. I’m still trying to build up game content on SquarePop and I’m working with a niche Dark Souls community on PrepareToTry, but five days of “Oh my god! I’m buying a Playstation 4 for Bloodborne!” would probably kill the “streaming video blog” vibe I’ve been building for PureFiller.

I promise I’ll be back in full swing toward the end of this week, but for now, I’m geeking out over Halo and Hotline Miami 2 on twitter. Join me.

For real though, I am buying a PS4 for Bloodborne.