Kevin Smith talks about his visit to Star Wars Episode 7 set

Kevin Smith posted this photo of himself crying tears of joy after leaving the set of JJ Abrams’ new Star Wars film.

Kevin Smith crying tears of joy

Smith shedding tears of geeky delight.

Due to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Smith said that he couldn’t comment on what he’d seen on the set. Fortunately, /Film tracked down some footage of him doing just that. Smith goes on for about 11 minutes about his day in the land of Star Wars. You can hear what he had to say by skipping to the 35-minute mark of this video:

If you are a Kevin Smith fan, then this is some Grade A promising news. I’ve been pretty lukewarm on the Star Wars franchise for about a decade now, but I’m usually interested in Smith’s “man of the people” take on nerd subjects. What do you guys think?

(I know it’s become popular to hate Smith, but to me, he’ll always be a great hero that rose from common man to influential “man-about-Hollywood.” Even if I haven’t been a huge fan of his recent output, Smith is the modern embodiment of the American dream, dammit.)