Mutually Assured Destruction Podcast: The Simpsons vs. South Park

We’re back! It’s been a rough holiday season for the Mutually Assured Destruction podcast crew. I’ve been traveling the country for work and dying with the flu. Matt’s been dying with some sort of flu and Greg’s been holed up in a cave playing that League of Legends game like a trembling, embarrassing junkie.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s how Greg spends most of his time.

south park

This week’s podcast topic is: The Simpsons vs. South Park. Matt and I fight reasonably hard for 30 seconds about which is the superior show, but then we just break down and turn this episode into a love-fest.

Neither of us could possibly fight with any semblance of truth against either of these shows. We just love them too much.

The Simpsons

Join us as we reminisce about every wonderful thing that The Simpsons and South Park have given us.

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