New Trailer Park Boys Season Hits Netflix on Sept. 5

How’s that for a headline that tells you everything you need to know? Wait wait! there’s an announcement video too!


Trailer Park Boys was a long-running Canadian “mockumentary” show (and movie series) about a trio of idiot criminals living in a trailer park. If you enjoyed HBO’s Eastbound & Down, but you’ve never seen Trailer Park Boys, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. I’m one hundred percent convinced that Danny McBride’s entire life is based off of Ricky from TPB. Ricky was the alpha Kenny Powers.

Now they’re coming back for two more seasons, exclusively on Netflix. Time to get caught up:
Trailer Park Boys

First Time Viewing Tip:

Stick with it. The first season is, admittedly, a little rough. Fortunately, the show really finds its feet during the second season. After that, TPB becomes one of the finest mean-spirited comedies ever created. Jim Lahey, the park supervisor, might be the funniest drunk ever filmed. Let’s take a moment to enjoy one of Lahey’s most delightful relapses: