PSA: You’d Better Finish Watching 24 Quickly

If you’ve been lazily binge-watching 24 on Netflix, it’s time to pick up the pace. Netflix’s rights to the show expire on April 1st. If you’re trying to wrap it up before the show returns on May 5th, you might want to take a few “personal days.”

The whole series only runs 202 episodes. At 40 minutes per episode, that’s only 8,080 minutes of television to watch in under a week. That shouldn’t be any trouble at all!

You can however, still watch the first eight seasons on Amazon Prime Instant Video thanks to a deal that Amazon cut with Fox months ago.

Of course, if you’ve only seen the first season then you can actually stop right there. Those first 24 episodes were inspired gold. Once the second season gets started it takes a sharp turn from “pretty fun” into “godawful.”

(I tapped out after Kim Bauer randomly escaped a mountain lion to shack up with a guy living in a doomsday shelter.)

Seinfeld I'm done

Of course, legend says that the show got better after Jack starts wearing his messenger bag, but what do I know?

Jack Bauer bag

So stylish…

So there’s your heads up. Don’t say I never did anything for you, 24 fans.

Source: Variety