Reminder: Joan Rivers Was A Legendary Badass

Let’s take a moment to remember Joan Rivers, since the Oscars decided to leave her out of this year’s “In Memoriam” segment.

Rivers died last September following complications from an outpatient surgery. She was one of the greatest stand up comics and talk show hosts to ever live. Most importantly for this post, she was a critical part of Oscar night for many, many viewers.

While there isn’t any confirmation on the official reason for the snub, I’ll take a wild, unsubstantiated guess and say that the Academy probably wasn’t very pleased with Joan’s decision to dedicate her later Oscar nights to skewering celebrity outfits on their precious red carpet. Just a guess. AMPAS ain’t exactly known for having a great sense of humor about their award show.

In her memory, here’s the entire Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers: Apparently the Roast video has been pulled already. No surprise there. As a backup, here is most of the Comedy Central Roast in playlist form:

Godspeed Joan, you vicious legend.