Sherlock Season 3 is now on Netflix

As a special addition to yesterday’s June update, Netflix has now added Season 3 of the BBC’s Sherlock series.

Bilbo and Benedict Easyjoke. Ugh. I'm sorry.

Hurray! This is great news for the three remaining diehard Sherlock fans who haven’t already illegally downloaded these episodes.

I honestly cannot fathom why the BBC chooses to delay the U.S. release of their shows like Sherlock, Doctor Who and Downton Abbey. They know they have ravenous fans stateside. If they release the new episodes in the U.K., nobody “across the pond” is going to sit on their thumbs, patiently waiting a half-year for the exciting conclusion to a cliffhanger season finale. They are going to find it and they are going to watch it. Immediately. When the BBC complicates the viewing process, it’s just leaving money on the table.

Decisions like this that will lead goodhearted Americans to start watching Elementary instead of Sherlock.

Not me, of course. I wouldn’t watch Elementary without being strapped into that Clockwork Orange chair.

A Clockwork Orange