SIDECAST 148 – The One WITH The Boob Job?

We’re back with a backlog of episodes! In case you’ve missed it, I’ve been wandering the countryside for the past few weeks. Sorry for the delay! (You can always keep up-to-date with the show by subscribing in iTunes.


We’re all back in action, recording on a whole different night, with that classic Sidecast taste. Speaking of my travels, I’ve returned with stories from the Midwest. That and I’d like to introduce you all to “Phyllis and The Racist.” You should probably just listen to find out what that means.

Meanwhile, “Roboduke” is playing Heroes of the Storm, Matt is watching Gravity Falls and Penny Dreadful and Capcom has just finished his epic art project. You’ll also get your weekly dose of Sidecast wrestling talk, including a discussion involving Faygo and ICP. Finally, of course we’ve all seen Age of Ultron.

We do it all for you.


It’s no-holds-barred Avengers: Age of Ultron talk at the 29:13 mark. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can avoid it by skipping ahead to 41:34. Otherwise, come nerd out with us!

Sidecast 148 – The One WITH the Boob Job?

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