Sidecast: You Know You Missed Us

Unlike Fish in the Percolator, we never left! To celebrate the return of PureFiller,  I’ve decided to overwhelm you with all the Sidecast episodes you never wanted.  Generally speaking if haven’t subscribed to the podcast, this is what you’ve missed:

  • We were right about Hulk Hogan all along
  • Disney is building Star Wars theme parks
  • Keith likes anime
  • Matt and Keith think Nintendo does dumb shit
  • Juggalos and Chappie
  • Spud from Hit-Start-Now joined us  to talk their newest show, Smack Talk.
  • We also talked a lot about beer, food, video games, and Vince McMahon too.

Instead of picking a single episode to post about, you should head  on over to our feed to catch up on all the fun. Look for new episodes coming soon to Purefiller, now that we are back to our weekly posts!


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We’re glad to be back and we’re even happier that you are too!  Enjoy our show!

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