So About Colbert Last Night…

These past twelve or so months have been a bitter pill. Jon Stewart retired. Stephen Colbert moved to a new network. We’re having the most insane U.S. election of all time. Anyone remotely famous seems to have keeled over dead.

I usually try to stay far away from politics… but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I desperately miss Jon Stewart and Stephen “The Colbert Report” Colbert.

Especially Stephen. Colbert’s CBS show has been some run-of-the-mill weak sauce since it premiered. But then, for a few brief moments last night, we got him back…

I just can’t get behind any of these new pretenders to the throne.

Look, I love Samantha Bee. I really and truly do. She was my personal pick to grab the Daily Show mantle. But now that she has her own show, it feels like an awkward, pandering mess. I wish her all the best, but that show isn’t doing it for me.

John Oliver is fine. His show is fun but more of an experiment in “hey, here’s an interesting subject you never thought about, examined using wry wit” than a genuine Daily Show replacement.

Bill Maher fell off the deep end years ago. I had to stop watching during his hardcore PETA years. That and I’m a fairly hardline atheist and even I’ve been done patting myself on the back for it for over a decade.

All of these shows have promise, but are lacking something that would make them a worthy successor to the Daily Show / Colbert Report power hour.

And then there’s Trevor Noah.

Moving on.

Last night was this weird beacon of hope for me. I really and truly hope that the message of “JUST COME BACK STEPHEN!” was heard.

We need him right now.