Somebody Turned the Silent Hills Demo Into a Found Footage Horror Movie

There is no shortage of game videos on Youtube these days, but this one is different. An editor named Nabil Ayari, turned his captured footage of the free “game” P.T. into a very convincing found footage horror movie. Take a look:

If you love scary movies and you have a Playstation 4, you really owe it to yourself to download P.T. In addition to being one of the most legitimately unnerving horror experiences I’ve ever had, it also turned out to be a strange fully playable teaser (Playable Teaser, get it?) for a brand new Silent Hill game. Even if you don’t normally care about video games, I cannot recommend this enough. There is very little “button mashing” required. Mostly it’s an unnerving “walk through a haunted house” simulator. For what basically amounts to a viral ad, P.T. featured some genuinely disturbing moments and a chilling atmosphere.

Just do yourself a favor and play it with a spoiler-free guide. Due to the title’s “viral” nature, some of the logic behind puzzles can be obtuse to the point of being unfair. It took the entire Internet a few days to crack them all.

Finally, if you enjoyed P.T. but want to see how deep this rabbit hole can go, check out these insanely in-depth analysis videos about the game’s story and possible connections to Silent Hills:

These analysis videos aren’t related to the “found footage movie” you came here for, but I really love when people delve deep into nerdy lore stuff. It seemed like a decent-enough excuse to post them.