Stallone Announces Rambo 5 Title

We finally know what to call the fifth Rambo movie. Sylvester Stallone mentioned the new title in this tweet from last week:

Now, after we run this through an expert Sly Stallone translator, this message can be decoded to:

“I am currently involved in a film called Scarpa. It is based on the gangster, Greg Scarpa. This film will begin production after Rambo: Last Blood.”

Either that or Last Blood Rambo. But Rambo: Last Blood seems to make the most sense.

All goofing aside, I’m pretty excited about this announcement. The fourth Rambo flick was surprisingly entertaining and far closer to the character’s brooding, tragic origins than I expected. It was an excellent hybrid between the dark PTSD-laden drama of First Blood mixed with the balls-to-the-wall action of Rambo II and III.

2008’s Rambo still featured plenty of exploding heads, but it definitely added a lot of First Blood‘s heart back into the character. John Rambo seemed like he had a purpose again. He was a relatively complicated and conflicted warrior again, instead of a generic musclebound killing machine. Hopefully that trend will continue in the fifth Rambo movie.