Telltale and Gearbox announce: Tales from the Borderlands

Let’s talk games. Today, Telltale Games and Gearbox Software announced a brand new collaboration based on the Borderlands universe. Tales from the Borderlands is a new episodic game series that should be out in 2014.

In case you aren’t much of a gamer, here’s some background on why this is big news:

Gearbox’s Borderlands series centers on a huge Mad Max-style “post-apocalyptic” planet loaded with treasure hunters, bandits, robots and monsters. It’s also notoriously funny. Borderlands is full of quirky, memorable characters. It’s a silly world that can become very deadly, very quickly. The Borderlands mostly revolves around heavily-armed adventurers doing odd jobs and gunning down midgets in hockey masks.

Chubby midgets

For real.

On the other side of that coin, you have Telltale Games. This company found massive critical success in the past few years by taking licensed properties and creating tightly-scripted interactive “choose your own adventure”-styled games within the already established fiction.

Telltale’s biggest success was The Walking Dead series. Broken up across five episodes, the game didn’t follow characters from the comics or TV show, but rather told the story of two completely new characters. The end result was basically a long interactive movie where the player is forced to make difficult choices that can result in a character’s death… or worse. Even if you don’t like zombies or video games, it is worth checking out.

Telltale’s writing team is top-notch, and the Borderlands universe should be a great backdrop for Telltale’s unique style of storytelling. If they bring that same enthusiasm and talent to Tales from the Borderlands, we are in for a treat.

Outside of this announcement trailer, there isn’t much more information available about Tales from the Borderlands. Still, this is very promising news.