The Gilmore Girls Are Coming Back!

Will the Gilmore Girls finally get the ending it was always meant to receive? Netflix has confirmed that our favorite fast-talking coffee addicts will return as the streaming service’s latest television revival. Upon hearing the news, the first few things that went through my mind:

  • My life will now be complete.
  • If series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino isn’t involved, this means nothing. In my eyes, that would make it fan fiction. No thank you.
  • As if the death of Edward Herrmann wasn’t heartbreaking enough, the absence of Richard Gilmore will be palpable.

The project, still in its early stages, is reported to be a series of four 90-minute mini-movies. Key players Lauren Graham (Lorelei), Alexis Bledel (Rory), Kelly Bishop (Emily) and Scott Patterson (Luke) are all said to be involved. Luckily, Amy Sherman-Palladino will be as well!


Fans have long rejected the show’s shaky 2007 series finale: Sherman-Palladino left just before the final season due to contract disputes and the show ended without its core creative team involved. Still, just in case of a reunion, Sherman-Palladino has never shared what her own ending for Gilmore Girls would have been – including the final four words of the series, which she envisioned during the very first episode.

We’re guessing the mother-daughter pair will be as close-knit as ever and hoping the show will still be able to read our minds. We’re looking forward to literature, movie and music references galore and more quirky Stars Hollow charm. Maybe we’ll even solve the mystery of the “four words” that every diehard Gilmore Girls fan has been waiting to hear for years.