The Wire Remastered: Omar Comin’ Back in HD

According to HBOWatchThe Wire is finally getting a high definition update. This was just a highly suspect rumor backed only by a seemingly non-HBO endorsed teaser trailer, but HBO has recently confirmed that this is indeed happening.

A few days ago, this trailer appeared online:

If you’re not a massive fan of The Wire, you might not realize why this HD update is such a big deal. Basically, David Simon, the creator of the show had always intended The Wire to appear in grittier, standard definition. That would supposedly make the series appear more realistic to the viewer. This is why there still isn’t a Blu-ray version of the complete series.

Personally, I’ve never understood Simon’s logic on this point. The show might be using a lower resolution, but it was always a gorgeous “HBO show.” Artistic intent aside, it was practically impossible to forget that you were watching a work of fiction.

No matter how you feel about this development, HBO has confirmed that the are indeed remastering The Wire. These updated episodes could be ready to air as soon as this autumn.

The real question here is whether they’re going to simply boost the resolution, or if they’ll actually try to change the aspect ratio from its original 4:3 to 16:9 in order to fit modern televisions.

Hopefully HBO will just be cleaning up the image quality but leaving the aspect ratio alone. Clarity is one thing, but actually changing how much of the image the audience will be able to see is another thing entirely. That brings us much closer to the dangerous Star Wars: Special Edition territory.