Twin Peaks Commentary Track: Episode 22: Double Play

In this week’s Twin Peaks commentary track, Scott and Matt are watching the fourteenth episode of season two: Double Play.

This post includes the commentary track for the show. The track is designed to be used by syncing its audio with the actual Twin Peaks episode. We’re using the Netflix version, but any copy will do as long as you’re starting “when the little bird fades in.”

When you hear the 3-2-1 countdown, press play on the Twin Peaks episode to sync up this audio track. With any luck you should be looking at “the bird fading into the smokestack” along with us!


If this is your first time watching Twin Peaks, listening to this commentary track is not advised. We talk over a bunch of important dialog and occasionally spoil future events. Listen at your own risk.

We’ll follow up with the discussion podcast tomorrow, so be sure to come on back for more Fish in the Percolator!

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