Twin Peaks Commentary Track: Episode 5: The One-Armed Man

In this week’s Fish in the Percolator commentary track, Matt Chorney and I are watching “The One-Armed Man,” the fifth episode of Twin Peaks.

As part of my effort to break this “Twin Peaks rewatch project” into more manageable bits, this post includes is just the companion commentary track for the show. This track is designed to be used by syncing its audio with the actual Twin Peaks episode: The One-Armed Man.

Don’t worry, there’s about a minute of “intro jabbering” and then we launch into an easy-to-follow countdown to get you started.


If this is your first time watching Twin Peaks, listening to this commentary track is not advised. We talk over a bunch of dialog and spoil some future events. Listen at your own risk.

Let us know what you think! We’re still trying to figure out the best way to present this project.

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