Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode 17 – Arbitrary Law

Coop, Harry and Hawk are ready to wrap up the Laura Palmer murder saga. This podcast covers Arbitrary Law, the ninth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks.

Fish in the Percolator is a two-part project. Yesterday, you got the chance to check out our fan-made commentary track on Youtube. Now it’s time for our weekly discussion podcast.


Start with a quick prayer to Deputy Hawk, the patron saint of Twin Peaks

Each podcast, we delve into an individual episode of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s classic murder mystery series, Twin Peaks.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Twin Peaks or a first-time viewer, we hope you’ll find something to love in Fish in the Percolator. We certainly love creating it. Please subscribe and join us.

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So brew up some coffee and join us for another episode of Twin Peaks. Just make sure there isn’t a fish in the percolator.

Oh and one last thing that we should clear up for this episode. This is actress Lynne Thigpen. She played The Chief on the old Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? game show:

The Chief

She is decidedly NOT the school secretary from the pilot episode:


This is literally the best shot we ever get of this woman. It’s not even close. We are terrible people.