Twin Peaks Podcast: Fish in the Percolator Episode 5

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s commentary track, it’s time for this week’s Fish in the Percolator podcast. This time, Matt and I are talking about “The One-Armed Man,” the fifth episode of Twin Peaks.


As always, Fish in the Percolator is a two-part project. Yesterday, you got the chance to check out our fan-made commentary track on Youtube. Today, it’s time for our weekly discussion podcast.

Each podcast, we delve into an individual episode of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s classic murder mystery series, Twin Peaks.

This is my third time running through the full series of Twin Peaks. As for Matt, he’s a fan of the show but he’s actually only seen the first season. That means he doesn’t know who killed Laura Palmer, so it should be a lot of fun hearing his reaction.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Twin Peaks or first-time viewer, we hope you’ll find something to love in Fish in the Percolator. We certainly love creating it. Please subscribe and join us for our discussion portion of the show.

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So brew up some coffee and join us for another episode of Twin Peaks. Just make sure there isn’t a fish in the percolator.